Pain Management through TCM [Conducted Online]


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Have you ever wondered how do doctors recommend you solutions for your pains? Do you yourself experience these pains. Come learn more about this with us. After this course, students will understand pain from a TCM perspective, as well as how pain can develop. Be familiar with some basic movements (physiotherapy and stretching related) to better manage common pain issues.

Hear what others have to say about this course:

"Niklas Seet was clear and concise in helping one understand the use of TCM for pain management. This course has given me a good overview of how we can manage pain that can affect the human body and to approach the matter in a holistic manner. Well structured course and definitely will recommend to all!"

"Course is very informative and the trainer is effective in his delivering of his knowledge and the exercises advice provided by him are very good."

Course Duration

8 hours over 4 sessions

Course Outline

Interesting highlights of the programme include:

Session 1: TCM Perspective of pain and how it develops

- Basic fundamentals of TCM, specifically about pain

- TCM theories about pain and how it develops

- Factors for pain in everyday life

Session 2: Pain Management in Neck-Shoulder Regions

- Anatomy and physiology of the neck-shoulder regions

- Pain management for cervical spondylosis 

- Pain management for frozen shoulder

Session 3: Pain Management in Back Regions

- Anatomy and physiology of the back regions

- Pain management for lower back sprain and strain 

Session 4: Pain Management in Lower Limb Regions

- Anatomy and physiology of the leg regions

- Pain management for knee pain 

- Pain management for spinal disc herniation


50 years old and above

Singaporean or PR

Must be able to read, understand and converse in simple English

Medium of Instruction & Trainer

Medium of Instruction: Online Course


ZOOM Virtual Classroom 

Requires usage of video conferencing applications 

The zoom link will be sent to you upon registration and payment

Additional Notes

Your trainer:

Physician Niklas has been a registered TCM Practitioner in Singapore since 2016. He has obtained his Double Degree in Biomedical Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine at NTU and BUCM in the same year. Physician Niklas’s journey into TCM started when he joined his school’s Judo club. With the physical demands of the sport, he often turned to acupuncture sessions and TCM Tuina in order to continue his training. Tapping on his personal experiences in sports injuries, Physician Niklas understands the importance of proper management of injuries. As such, Physician’s Niklas clinical interests lie in pain management, via acupuncture and TCM Tuina. Other interests include internal conditions, such as common respiratory diseases and sleep disorders. He also aims to advocate “Self-preservation and self-assistance, with perseverance”, combining good physical and mental health, that comes with determination. Physician Niklas is also a lecturer with the Singapore College of Chinese Medicine (SCTCM). 

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